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Saturday, August 27, 2011

SURPRISE: The launch of my Personal and Limited Edition collection!

Finally i can start sharing what i've always wanted to with you guys!
A Limited Collection of Blazers i've been working on...

By LAdyFozaza

If their is one style i can always FALL BACK ON! 
its the Blazer and jeans style... 
Jeans for its never ending story with fashion 
and The Blazer for its timeless elegance and Molding ability...

The KayKay blazer

The Mood F/W 2011 Collection..
A Limited Collection of Blazers based on REAL women in all their Glory with 
their many moods and many characteristics! 
we are but fascinating creatures and should embrace whatever form we take.. 
A blazer to fit each personality and a FIT to capture the essence of being a Beautiful woman of STYLE, 
elegance and uniqueness!!

The Sassy Blazer

The Studio 10 Blazer

Here is just a few pics to get you started... 
The rest of the 40 collection blazers will come on soon...

Hope you like the collection and if you have any questions 
please dont hesitate to contact us on 

Join our FB fan page for more info HERE!! 

*images belong to FashionGossip10*

Love u! 


lamia said...

The first blazer is amazing !! Mashallah F you're very talented !!

Doonz said...

awww dont make me cry love u :'(

Lily Milan said...

Good for you! Congrats!! Will the collection be sold internationally? From NYC would love to purchase..

LadyFozaza said...

Lamia :) thaaank you!

Lily... :) Thaaank you!! an yes hopefully soon enough!!

Anonymous said...

A,mazing !!
Price of the first one pllllz?

Layan said...

I love these blazers and your style! Congratulations! They are really beautiful and unique and I would love to own one!

Laden said...

mabrook love they're amazing with super FAB taste!! whats the price range?

ANNA DE LEON said...

great stuff! can you message me the price for the Studio 10 blazer? email: annadeleon@live.com


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