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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

S*uce has your Fashion fortune in a cookie!

Those of you who know S*uce have already established that its not JUST a Boutique!
its a movement of Fashion and Style!
and a bit of Lifestyle you wana take home with you!
So here is another one of my FAvorite S*ucy movements! 

We all know what a fortune cookie is.  It’s a cookie. It’s cute. Tastes like paper.
You break it in half, mayyyybe you eat half. Cause it’s all about the note inside.
What does it say? Is it good? Is it bad? Is it true? Will I be “involved in many humanitarian projects”??
Did I read someone else’s fortune by mistake?

Never mind.
s*uce’s Fortunate Cookie does not taste like paper. It’s the yummiest chocolate coated concoction ever. It comes in a cute box, hand tied JUST FOR YOU!

Why is it a Fortunate cookie? 

Cause every single one is fortunate. 
The note inside doesn’t tell you your fortune (cause who can really do that anyway), 
it tells you what you’ve won!  And every single one is a winner. Prizes vary from discounts at s*uce, books, accessories and T shirts, to a new exclusively designed Hud Hud tote!

And the grand prize? A fabulous set of FIVE GOLDEN RINGS.

And not just any set of fabulous five golden rings.  A set of five fabulous golden rings by BRAND NEW oh-my-god-she’s-so-cool, the latest uber designer to hit s*uce: MarMar!

There is a total of 3 sets to be won: the gangit’s love and you rock!

*Fortunate Cookies will be available at s*uce 
Dubai Mall, The Villaga Mall and Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi starting THIS WEEKEND.

S*uce Village Mall, 04 344 7270
S*uce Dubai Mall, 04 3399696
S*uce Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi, 02 681 8650

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