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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Battle Of The Hunky Male Models: Gandy VS Kortajarena

Ladies it's drool time for it's the battle of Hunky male models David Gandy vs Jon Kortajarena. I swear its impossible to decide whose hotter, although I'm slightly, actually tiny leaning more towards Spanish Jon Kortajarena.
Both models have been seen on numerous campaign Ads looking drop dead gorgeous.
British model David Gandy graces us being the face and body of Dolce & Gabbana,even has a book after him. While Jon Kortajarena is seen on the campaign ads for the likes of Tom Ford and Lagerfeld, posing with those cheekbones...
Well ladies who do you find hunkier? Or why not just choose both!

David Gandy VS Jon Kortajarena

David Gandy
Whose your Favourite???
Jon Kortajarena

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