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Monday, July 25, 2011


I'm a HUGE fan of this track! for the music as much as for the msg it sends and the people representing the movement..
Another thing im a huge fan of and you can see in the Video clip
is the BRAND best known as 1Ummah worn by QUSAI and AYZEE.

One Ummah is a UK based clothing brand that aims to promote peace and unity between people of all different races, cultures and religions. The word ummah is the Arabic word for nation or people and what we mean by ‘One Ummah’ is one nation or people. 

One Ummah has its own exclusive font which uses Arabic letters that are manipulated to read as Latin text (English). 

The One Ummah designs are inspired by a mixture of Middle Eastern art and culture. 

There is a ‘messages’ range which consists of designs based on messages that promote peace, like forgiveness, benevolence, unity, patience etc.

Our main slogan is ‘Come To Common Terms’. The slogan aims to help bridge the wide gap that exists between the East and West. The slogan invites people from differing backgrounds to meet on common platforms.

“I believe that we are living in a time of many wars and much suffering, and we need to express our desire for peace, even if it is just through fashion”

Contact Info
Email: info@1ummah.co.uk

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