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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

international affair: Beirut wedding

So incase you guys were wondering why its been so quite on the blog... i've been on a wedding hopping marathon from Saudi to Beirut!! 

i have to admit i love a GREAT wedding and the Beirut wedding was just a dream come true!! 
A beautiful Alice and Wonderland setting done by the wedding planners of "Chic Alors" from Dubai led by the Fabulous as ever Rayan Raad...

The Bride Ranya Khalil was a Vision of Beauty!
wishing her and her hubbby all the love and happiness this life has to offer!

The wedding took us straight from London to Beirut with FUN surprises...
Tables had names of streets in London, mine was portabello
and there were London cabs waiting to take us to the location :)

*images belong to FashionGossip10*

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore ur dress and bag, where did u get them?


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