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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Fashion Network cooks up a new FASHION STORM!

If you guys arent familiar with The Fashion Network by now then WAKE ur little fashion heads up! 
cause this is a name your gona be hearing a lot!!!! 
and we are gona tell you why.... 

The Fashion Network is a company that organizes networking projects and events for the fashion industry with an emphasis on online media and emerging high fashion designers.

To bring young fashion conscious individuals in the Middle East together by offering them networking and collaborative opportunities.

We have introduced the Fashion Network to you guys before as we got involved in a Fabulous Shoot for a cause we felt strongly about at our FAbulous Bambah Boutique... 


Their next project is as incredible if not more 
with a taste of Fashion you are not going to forget 
featuring 3 amazing designers: bow by amanda gedeon, 
dima ayad and pocapoca by karolina gniewek.

the photos and videos are up online exclusively at SAVOIRFLAIR

Check them out!!!

we are very very PROUD


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