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Thursday, May 5, 2011

SHOE LUST: Julian Louie for Aldo

These festive, tribal-flavored shoes were the result of 
Julian Louie's second collaboration with Aldo Shoes.
and might i add a BIG HIT!
i have my eye on the above........ 
if you track it down do keep me posted!

When showcasing his Spring 2011 collection, fashion designer Julian Louie 
cited South African photographer Pieter Hugo's The Hyena & Other Men as his inspiration.
 The images in the book capture the relationship between a group of
Hausas (hyena handlers) in Lagos, Nigeria, and the animals they cohabited with
 (and which they used to entertain crowds). The photos, then, capture men and children 
in traditional garb sitting next to monkeys on wooden benches and atop car roofs; 
hovering over chained hyenas, their legs straddling the spotted animals; 
and wrapping pythons around their necks and shoulders. 
The African influences in Louie's garb were complemented by the open-toed, 
wedged platform sandals and ankle boots cradling models' feet, 
which themselves featured funky ikat patterns and patchwork details.



Anonymous said...

you can call any Aldo and they'll order and ship to you!

LadyFozaza said...

Thank you!!! will do that xxx


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