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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

MY choice: Summer makeup with CLARINS

My choice that day was the Summer bronzing Compact
and Gloss i went for 04 Raspberry smoothie
with the Wonder Waterproof Mascara

ok so with all the makeup around... 
and since im not a makeup freak! where less is more in my book! 
just enough to make a difference but not enough to take notice "if u know what i mean"

Clarins is my ANSWER to this summer's 
sea splashing, summer bronzing and party slamming!
3 words...
Waterproof, Glossy tubes, bronzer

I cant seem to part with my......

Summer Bronzing Compact SPF 10
The must-have for a complexion bathed in sunshine!
In creating the Mosaïque collection, Clarins honours this timeless decorative art where forms and colours express warmth and refinement. The must-have of the season is Mosaïque Summer Bronzing Compact, a striking, elegant caramel-coloured case containing a powder with a sumptuous mosaic motif which reflects the richness of this ancestral art.
A beautiful healthy glow
The ultra-fine, featherlight powder literally melts into skin, acting like a concentrate of the sun to enhance and warm the complexion. Mainly composed of raw materials of natural origin, it ensures a perfectly matte, long-lasting make-up result. Its mineral pigments perfectly combine to deliver an incredibly natural, perfectly even tanned look.
The magic of the Soft Focus complex
Present in the formula, it optically minimizes wrinkles and fine lines. Skin texture is smoothed and complexion beauty is enhanced.
A texture for all
The powder is suitable for all skin types, even the driest skin, thanks to the presence of an emollient oil and vitamin E. Natural SPF 10 sun protection, provided by mineral filters, protects skin from UVB rays.
A delicious fragrance
On application, vibrant notes of Sunshine Fragrance will take you away to sunnier times!

Nothing like a bit of GLOSS to complete the summer look!
Sexy... cool...and with something that smells this good!

The Wonder Waterproof Mascara

ok so we might not go with makeup to the beach.. shhhhh!
but Mascara... common! if we can get away with it why not :p 
Ultra-resistant, ultra-volumizing, it perfectly lengthens lashes and 
ensures intensely colored, protective make-up. 
Lashes are flawlessly coated, curled and beautiful, and protected from water, 
smudging and tears.

A true waterproof pencil. Its soft, supple texture can be 
applied as eyeliner or eye shadow, and blended with the foam tip 
to create beautiful shaded effects.

Fix’ Make-Up
Refreshing Mist

Do you dream of make-up that stays put all day long ? 
you know thats something we need in the summer especially
when we have a weather that melts it all away..
Now you can apply make-up, spritzandit’sfixed! 
Fix’Make-Uppreventsmake-upfromrunning,revivescolourand matifies
 the complexion for hours. 
Its refreshing texture gives an instant feeling of well-being. 
Thanks to an anti-dehydrating agent, it leaves skin soft and supple.

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