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Monday, May 16, 2011

Men's Fashion: Brand Crush: Eleven Paris T-shirts!!

I fell in love with this brand a couple of months back while in paris i came across these T-shirts and went on a shopping spree like never before! T-shirts to me are like jeans! u can never let go and they make every single outfit, dress them up with accessories or down! 

and i know how important they are to MEN! as important it is to stand out and be different! 
T-shirts that carry a msg or  a read between the line aspect is always a winner!! 
my brother last weekend showed me why this brand of T-shirts
is a MUST this summer! 

Here are his 2 choices! 
lol LOVE IT! 


Here are a few you will LOVE!!

Check out the rest of the collections HERE!
Also available for women! 

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