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Sunday, May 8, 2011

JLO And Her Many Harem Pants

Jenny from the block has quite a thing for Harem pants. Jennifer Lopez has been seen wearing the trend very often and most of the time it looks great, except when she performed on American Idol, the pants did not compliment JLo at all!

images sourced from People, hellooogorgeous.onsugar, lwdress


Anonymous said...

We all have to get used to a long-term relationship with harem pants. This is not just a passing trend anymore, it seems they’re still everywhere. It's so very obvious they aren't appear to be going anywhere for a long, long time. They are definitely still in, a really popular, long-living and inventive trend! It's a fact they are just starting to make their way into fashion permanently. But why is harem pants still very hot, trendy and popular? It's not a recently created style, similar pants have been worn by both men and women around the world for centuries, nothing strange with that. Not only women love harem pants, I have understood that several men actually find harem pants on women very sexy. Women looks most attractive and sexy while wearing baggy, cozy, super comfy clothes "Women should not show to much, a good looking woman who is hiding her curves makes men curious for more" And men are jealous at women and actually are longing for harem pants, perhaps it's time for men to dare more! We can all see this trend and desire for wearing pajamas, sweatpants, harem pants or any other cozy clothing in public when prefered. It’s not anymore kind of gross or weird, people are just so tired of wearing uncomfortable clothes. I’m so convinced they are here to stay because they are so insanely comfy. Some people could live in oversized baggy harem pants with low crotch. It's their favorite style of dress and the most comfortable that they have ever worn besides their birthday suit "The pants barely touching the body, so it feel like naked in them and It feels SO good when the crotch is below the knee, almost down to the floor when walking" They are addictive! In a near future it may be difficult to wear regular pants anymore. It happens, even though it's very occasionally, these people take a little short break from them and go dressed in ordinary tight jeans. Unfortunately, it doesn't take long before they long for their harem pants, they feel so relaxed in them. The looser the better and the more pleats the trendier. Of course the pants should always be baggy, comfy and cozy. And to be honest, as long as the pants feels so cozy, why care so much about how they look like. Swamped in fabric keep you warm and comfortable! Now harem pants also come in many shapes, sizes and material, there is some really extreme harem pants out there! Perhaps the baggiest trousers you've ever seen! I'm talking about enormous, huge, mega baggy, ridiculously oversized pants with extremely low and super-loose crotch. They are indeed dramatic, super slouchy, billowy, but are claimed to be very comfy! Are you prepared to appear in public in these magnificant pants? I think these pants will be not only a future fashion trend but everyone (both men and women of all ages) in the whole world, wear these pants every day and everywhere in public, at work and at home, all year round! Perfect pants for every day use, a lazy day they are excellent for slipping on. Harem pants have for the last years become a very popular form of casual dress around the world, and will be so for decades. They already compete agains jeans and are widely used for both daily look around town and for the night club because they always look dressy, and can be formal or casual. Anyone can wear harem pants, they are timeless and they allow a great deal of flexibility and comfort. Perhaps you thought harem pants were on the way out, but it would appear that they were only gathering strength before now slowly turning from a fashion trend to crawling into everyone's wardrobe and stay there forever side by side with jeans. After proposed several times by the main brands over the years now all trendsetting brands have added harem pants designs to their collections. They are not only in every fashion magazine and every fashion blog any more. We have to accept and get used to harem pants, it's pointless trying to escape from them. So if you don't have bought them yet, do as JLO and put them on!

Doonz said...

Thank you for the great comment :)

It's true Harem pants have been worn throughout history. I actually have a few pairs, but I'm quite short and as much as I like them and find them very comfortable, but on me personally I feel even shorter. Might try them out with killer heels, might do the trick ;)


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