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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Designer to watch: NAZ CANNON

Naz is an emirati designer who worships fashion and combines masculine tailoring with feminine fabrics,which are for both genders.His designs are known to be fierce,full of "fashion" energy and unique.


The initial thing we focused on is combining Multicultural Fashion, hence, elegant designs vs. daring and striking fashionable colours.
Naz Cannon & K.M

With the booming of Local Talent coming out of what might soon to be one of the fashion Capitals  "fingers crossed" Dubai! one Name keeps coming to me with a vengeance! 

Being a Runway to Rock Chic, his designs spoke to me and I gladly listened.. 

now i'm speaking to you... but i want you to see before you listen 

and then talk.... 


His designs are currently being sold at one of my HOT SPOTS

or visit his blog for more news HERE! 

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