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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Scent to remember: PURE by Custo Barcelona.

Finally a SCENT that can take me into the summer 
with some sexy attitude.. 


“With the fragrance I wanted to go back to the beginning, remembering what we were looking for when we launched the brand: Freshness and creative freedom to do something new, diffe- rent, something that didn’t exist on the market”

This is what Custo Dalmau says about the new challenge. Freedom and freshness are part of the purest concept of Custo Barcelona. The two principles underpinned the originality of the project and are the catalysts of the brand’s development since its inception.
Pure means the essence and also gives its name to the clothing range that is most intrinsically linked to the concept of Custo Barcelona.


A fragrance full of contrasts, mystery and character. Like the peacock, it is striking and exo- tic.
The top note sparkles with citrics such as bergamot, lemon and tangerine, contrasting with the floral note provided by neroli. Vegetal amber and cedar contribute masculinity and mys- tery.
The middle note reveals the exotic spirit of the fragrance with a floral nuance.
The bottom note is elegant and sensual thanks to the blend of oriental notes, between incen- se and Tonka beans, with the strength of patchouli and the wild nature of musk.


The female version of the fragrance is bright, bold and addictive. Its vocation, like the pea- cock, 
is to seduce.
Its top note is fresh and free, just like the fashion of Custo Barcelona was at the beginning of its adventure. Mediterranean bergamot and lemon blend their citric notes with the warm and exotic seduction of ginger. The green notes of sage underscore femininity while providing an aura of freshness.
The middle note is full of personality, with a contrast between the floral blend of intriguing violet and the exotic notes provided by fruits, pepper and the modern Super Hedione.
The bottom note reveals sensuality and feminine appeal thanks to the contrast of fragrant wood notes with intense musk and the sweetness of vanilla.

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