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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Christina Hendricks Is New Vivienne Westwood Spokesmodel

The gorgeous actress from MAD MEN  series!! one of my favorites i have to add! 
is teaming up with Vivienne Westwood to promote the designer's "Get a Life" palladium jewelry collection.

The collection is being touted as eco-friendly, because palladium, a white metal in the platinum family, is derived from nature. Westwood chose to exploit the relationship to nature by featuring such items as acorns, leaves and oak trees in her design.
"Get a Life is about how we stop climate change and therefore preserve life for the next generation while at that same time get a better life," Westwood said in a release.
"My focus at the moment is what one person can do. Stop climate change. Save the planet. The acorn is symbolic of the rainforest, its importance and how it is our first duty to save it."

The jewelry collection is available in 
Vivienne Westwood boutiques in London and Los Angeles.


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