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Saturday, January 22, 2011

The NEW American Idol kicks off!!! FG10's BEST of the first epidose

ok so American idol has been an addiction to many of us.. i confess im a HUGE FAN! and one of the many reasons why i used to watch it and still do is cause i have a thing for RAW talent and life stories of people who have made it despite it all.. but most of all its watching SIMON! i think his bluntness is brilliant! its so fresh to have someone simply say what they think..  

so the NEW American Idol is out and without SIMON i have to admit i wasnt sure it was gona be any good till i saw the first EPISODE and fell in love with J.LO she was tooo adorable and soooo real... never saw that side of her.. and well Steve Tylor is my man! he has this je ne sais quoi.. a true ladies man but one of a kind... 

Here are FG10's Favorite contestants 

LOVE J.LO's skirt in this one! but the VOICE of the first one.. wow!!
lol laughed my head off at how J.LO found it soo hard to say no!
tooooooooooo cute!!!

And Kalob holli

Kenzie Palmer!!! 15 years old?? REALLLY


ravanza said...

I loved the fact that Steven was such a flirt LOOL! And JLo with her perfect outfit and hair and makeup, SHE'S gorgeous! Randy the "dog" woof woof lmao! yaay for American Idol. i'm secretly keeping notes of JLo's style, it can't be helped

LadyFozaza said...

LOOOOL steve Tyler is DA MAN! i know exactly what u mean with J.Lo's style.. cant wait to see what she wears next... good team in my opinion... ;)


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