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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kenneth Tong Controversy 'Size Zero' Pills

Big Brother contestant Kenneth Tong has caused controversy on Twitter about promoting 'Size Zero'... Kenneth Tong has been tweeting about being thin and proudly promoting 'the size zero pill'.

Tong's twitter posts "Thankful for this global opportunity to help girls all over the world know that to be skinny is to be perfect & to be fat is unacceptable".
He has angered many people over this matter, myself include. Rihanna even made a comment regarding his post.

Rihanna tweeted: " This is exactly why girls are doing everything to destroy their bodies! Girls are dying all over the world because of ignorant individuals like this!"

Well said Rihanna! She also tweeted " Young ladies, love yourself! Your Skin, your booty, your hair... You're all beautiful! Keep your hearts pure! Love and Laugh, and live life," BFF Katy Perry retweeted and added "PREACH".
Other celebrities Like Twilight star Ashley Greene and Sophia Bush have also posted on twitter regarding this matter.

Life is to precious and short to do such harm to yourself! Even if you think in 'Fashion' you need to be skinny or thin, you DON'T! Catwalks have even promoted plus sizes and many designers and stores have created larger size clothes.

DO NOT starve yourself to be a Size Zero!!!! Kenneth Tong you are awful and you should be ashamed, people are starving around the world because they can't afford to eat and your promoting starvation!


ravanza said...

he is the perfect example the word "idiot"! people like that should tattoo "silence is golden" on their forehead. Shame on him, knowing that reality isn't about being a size 0, one must be healthy no matter what their size is and to be honest, he disgusts me. He's just a sad sad little man, is he a size 0 himself?

Doonz said...

Thanks for your comment, he really has angered me! My guess he's average sized, some say he was chubby as a child, not really sure about that! I hope he crawls under a rock!

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ravanza said...

a real live "smeegle" is what he is, and size zero is "his precious", ugly little man.


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