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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Anna Dello Russo 4000 Pairs of Shoes!

Anna Dello Russo Editor At Large, creative consultant to Vogue Japan and ex Italian Vogue Editor has 4000 pairs of Shoes. Now thats a Record!
She has two apartments one for her and one for her closet. All I can say is Adopt me Please!
She is one of the most Fashionable women, with over 250 pairs of black tuxedo jackets and a huge collection of clothes, including exotic Furs.

" I was crazy about fashion from the day I was born" She says. At the age 13 Anna first buy was Fendi and she hasn't stopped shopping since.

" I remember because I used to go to school with my collection of Fendi bags- wallet, bag, umbrella" She told New York Magazine

In Dell Russo two apartments she keeps one for herself and one for her huge walk in closet. Dell Russo doesn't want moths eating away at her clothes, they have to be protected and kept at the right temperature. Well off course they need protection, imagine all that designer wear, well who could blame her.

"Collecting clothes is complicated because the clothes need a space and the right temperature. You really destroy clothes if you leave it there, no? It's dusty, its hot-it ruins the clothes. It's so freezing in my house! The clothes need to be cold, " She told New York magazine.

Now there's a woman who loves her clothes. Dell Russo is very organised all her new buys are put front-row and the previous ones and are stacked behind. In with the New out with Old!
Dell Russo isn't a fan of vintage and loves her outfits straight from the run way.... " I hate vintage clothes. I love the smell of a new store, not an old dress" She tells W magazine.

Dell Russo is an expensive lady with very expensive taste, luxury all the way. She does have amazing style and can pull of anything.


Katush said...

oh my...and there i was feeling guilty for buying a new pair of shoes today..i want to be a moth in her closet!!!!

Doonz said...

I want her to Adopt Me! hehe

ravanza said...

OOOOOH sparkly!!! it's a haven for all shoe addicts! i'd rent the room for a week if i could! wow

And here my mom thought i had a problem! just showing her a picture from this post would stop both hubby and my mom from conspiring against me, removing shoes from luggage bags and labeling as "extra baggage" from my bags lol.


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