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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

FG10's High street FIND: Burberry vs. River Island

The Classic Burberry Trench

We all fell in love with Burberry's trensh coats and who wouldnt.. they have redifined a classic and turned it into moder art! The trench has been around forever but burberry made sure it stays on for even more! and i for one cant get enough!

The Modern twist of trench coats from Burberry

Here is a tench coat i got recently from River Island and well lets say it was HEAVILY inspired by Burberry and for a fraction of the price.... hmmm tempting? for those who arent prepared to Splurge..
here is a way u can still feel it :)

River Island's take on the Burberry's FAB modern twist.

 Paired my River Island Trench with my Louboutin studs to spice it up!



Nada Moh said...

Love the coat,Love the heels

Anonymous said...

looove it;-)


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