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Sunday, December 19, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Lebanese Director Yehya Saade Dies from Electric Shock in Turkey

Its been sadly confirmed the the Famous Lebanese Director Died from Electric Shock in Turkey while filming a music video for singer Maya Diab.  Saade had apparently touched some electrical tape even though an aide warned him he shouldn't.  Turkish security forces are now investigating the circumstances of the famed director's death...

Maya Diab

To his credit Saade has directed numerous music videos for the artists including Myriam Fares, Amal Hijazi, Carol Sakr and Haifa Wehbe.  These aren't household names in the US, but they are known and admired by many.  Yehya Saade may not be famous all around the world, but he certainly has his share of fans and has contributed greatly to the world of entertainment

Yehya Saade ‎_Yehya will be returning home on Sunday. Funerals will be held in St. Doumit Church Zouk Mikael (Next to the Old Souk) on Monday, December 20th.


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