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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Taylor Momsen suspended from Gossip Girl?

Tut Tut Looks like Jenny has to take a break from Gossip Girl.
No offense to all who like Jenny Humphrey aka Taylor Momsen but I wouldn't mind seeing her get Suspended sorry to all you Jenny Fans!
US Weekly Reports the 17year old will begin an "indefinite hiatus", Reps from CW and Warner Brothers declined to comment.

Since Season 4 begun Jenny has appeared very few times so far, perhaps this might change. I'm a little shocked about her attitude and what she wears, I understand personal style but stockings and underwear hanging isn't style, one can only ask where are her Parents!!! I get people grow up, but did enjoy her in the past, but seems like she's gone for the bad girl image, recently at her Rock Concert she flashed her breasts to the crowd...

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