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Monday, November 8, 2010

HOT DUO: Our very own Aiisha Ramadan for CLINIQUE!

Meet Aiisha for CLINIQUE

For the first time in the Middle East, Clinique joins hands with the renowned Arab fashion designer Aiisha Ramadan, who brings her lavish and chic style with a
limited-edition evening clutch and silk scarf.

Spend AED 600 on any of Clinique’s extensive range of essential skin care and beauty products to receive Aiisha for Clinique clutch and 100% silk scarf. This offer is available in the UAE
from November 11th to the 20th,

exclusively at Paris Gallery in Dubai Mall, Dubai Festival City, Deira City Centre, Burjuman; in Abu Dhabi: Marina, Khalidiya and Abu Dhabi Malls. The offer will also be available in December, exclusively at Harvey Nichols - Faysaliah, Riyadh.

‘Aiisha Ramadan is a designer of purpose and integrity, who is able to transcend the fashion world and apply her unique design approach to a multitude of diverse paths..


What makes you happy?
Having my family around, and feeling happy and healthy.

The highlight of your career:
Every collaboration seemed to be the (highlight) of my year. When I worked with NOKIA I thought that was it. Seeing Paris Hilton in my dress made my week and working with Manolo Blahnik on our Love Affair collection was fantastic. Truth is, every project we did, was special in its own way.

What inspires you when you’re creating an Haute Couture fashion show?
Myself as a woman, my clients, and every woman around me. However, the details of each collection depend on the theme and it can be a little element from nature or a piece of hardware. Anything really!

Highlight on your latest evening gown collection?
The Love Affair collection was in collaboration with Victoria Casal, whose jewelry are all about bringing the strength in women by using different elements of nature such as the butterfly, snake and flowers. The fabrics were all silks on top of French laces to bring luxury to its highest levels. This was also the collection where I’ve shown my fans yet again how short dresses can be statement and elegant pieces.

What color best describes your personality?
I would say white. It is the combination of all colors after all and I’m so colorful though I started with my passion towards Earthy tones and that still lingers. Black also gets a big portion of my personal taste.

Backup plan if you hadn’t gone into Fashion?
I’m a smart girl with a brain. I’ve proved to master my satellite job at MBC and at the same time I became one of the most wanted stylists on Dubai TV. It’s not because I’m Miss Universe, it’s because I have a brain

Aiisha Ramadan, 10 years from now?
On the moon… I don’t know  I’m one of few designers who take it year by year. One thing I guarantee is that no matter where I am I’ll be having fun!

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