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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

HAPPY SHOPPING: LANVIN for H&M Gone in 5 mn in Dubai!

Thank GOD!! for the Strawberry morning Juice just next door
or i wouldnt have survived!!

So i'm sure all of you have been waiting for this day!!! A collaboration i honestly didnt think would be this GOOD till i got my hands on a few items, atleast the ones i could get my hand on!!

preparing myself the day before got me all excited that i couldnt fall asleep!! and when i finallly felt like i couldnt keep my eyes open, it was 2 hours before i had to wake up to get myself ready! (6:30 am)!!  My alarm either went off or my body switched off cause i didnt wake up till 8:00 am and only cause i dreamed i was having a fight with this woman who took my LAnvin for H&M dress! so without even thinking i jumped out of my bed .. put the first thing i could find infront of me on and RANNNNNNNNN!!!

I arrived at mall of the emirates at 8:30 am!! everything and i mean EVERYTHING was gone!! but i wasnt ready to give up and decided to PROJECT a positive shopping day and it happend! i stayed infront of the dressing room and to my surprise i had girls coming up to me asking if i wanted this dress or that dress and to my even BIGGER surprise and LUCK! they were my size!! i was jumping for joy but found standing at the dressing room slowly turning into an addiction i couldnt move from there cause i didnt wana miss out on an item i wanted to complete my LIST! AND VOILA!
The power of PROJECTION!

Got everything i wanted except for the AMAZING T-shirts that everyone was HOLDING ON 2
and one of the very first items to be snatched!
But all in all a GREAT DAY!
my cat PRINCE even approves :)

On the OTHER SIDE at Dubai Mall
The Queue at Dubai mall!!

My gorgeous fashion Diva and fellow Blogger Hunoof  Hamad from IN MY HEELS blog was on BBM discussing the weather on the other side of Dubai at Dubai Mall and here is what she had to say with some FAB PICS!

"In case u'v missed the launch of Lanvin (heart) H&M , let me tell u how it went , arriving at almost 7:15am ,the Dubai mall was pretty empty, yet u’d spot folks sprinting towards  H&M  , the line in front of the store was extending by the minute , by 8am the store unlocked its door for us to view the splendor collection, well it was more than just viewing  , by 8:10 am the shelf’s were ummm bare ! fighting over what’s there was so durable , but eventually I got what I wanted el7mdella* .The buyers were swapping items  , honestly I loved that people were  friendly in the end of the  "i must grab everything infront of me chaos"  , we were  talking to each other , chatting about what we bought ...... it was a great launch.  i believe this one is by far one  of the best collaborations  , as good as sonia’s.  Am keeping my finger crossed , hoping Christian Louboutin Designs a collection for H&M how cool will that be ! "


PACKING it up!!


Hope you all found what u wanted and more!!!
at the end of it all it was a GREAT experience and one of the best Collabs from H&M!
very impressed!
but not too impressed with how this region handled it!!
i think they should have followed the organization of Europe!
im sure u know what im talking about..
But the people i bumped into were very friendly and as hunoof said people were handing out items they didnt want and swapping.. was cute to see everyone work together to get what they wanted..
but that doesnt mean there werent a couple of CAT FIGHTS :p




New Bride said...

congrats dear :) i got the yellow dress from h&m Kuwait ;) it was really fun :)

LadyFozaza said...

Thank you beautiful! congrats to you2! couldnt get the yellow :( that was the first thing everyone TOOK! Big kiss! and enjoy ur FAB dress x


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