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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gap Tooth Beauties

If your born with a Gap tooth, your in luck some say its the sign of Venus- the goddess of love and some say its a beauty mark there was even a film made in France by Les Blank in 1987 called Gap-Toothed Women concerning the trademark.
As a young girl I use to think it was ugly by my teens I was putting a fork in between my teeth to get a Gap, its just not meant to be!
So shall we round up some Gap Toothed beauties for you... Starting with Madonna in the 80s she embraced it in the 90s closed 21st century its back... Models and Celebrities nowadays are smiling away their Gaps from Vanessa Paradis, Lara Stone, Bridgitte Bardot, Anna Paquin and many more... So Beautiful bet you wish were gapped too!


Anonymous said...

I love this post...it proves that what is different can be charming :)

(ps: there's no "e" at the end od Paradis and it's "Bardot" not "Bardort"...advice from a French girl ;) )

Doonz said...

Thank you :) Much appreciated glad you enjoy the post xxxx


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