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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

All Eyes on Willow Smith

Did I miss something! I think being focused on the older crowd of Fashionates blinded me from noticing Will & Jada Pinkett Smith kid Willow Smith..
I'm a lil shocked she's only just 10 and she's been to Milan Fashion Week with her mum appeared in Magazines and in Movies alongside her Dad Will Smith in 'I am Legend' and now created a hype around her style, which is very punk 80s mixed with current Season Trends. Her Style is quite similar to Rihanna, a mini version.
Sorry I just Cant get over the fact she's 10, I was playing with my Barbies didn't even know what Fashion shows were!

Oh and did I forget to mention she also a singer, Willow single 'Whip My Hair' landed 11# place in the Billboards making her the youngest Solo Artist in History, she's now being signed on by Jay-Z's record label Roc Nation. Hmm same label as Rihanna I wonder if a duet would happen, imagine the Hair Styles in that Video. The Smiths must be very Proud!!!

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