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Sunday, October 24, 2010

From Dubai producer to Dunhill Brand Embassador!!

 Emirati filmmaker and dunhill brand ambassador Ali Mostafa on the red carpet of the opening ceremony at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival (dressed in dunhill of course :)) and looking SHARP!!

A bit about the FAB fimlmaker:

With his mother from the UK and his father from the UAE Ali grew up in Dubai. Film has always been a central part of his life and since childhood Ali has experimented making his own short films and mock TV ads. Upon completion of his higher education Ali established a division from an existing company focusing on set and interior design. He then pursued his goal in 2003 when he enrolled at the London Film School to obtain an M.A. of practical training in film technique. Over 2 years Ali has worked on short films and TV commercials in all areas of production, but his sights remains focused on directing. To date Ali's short graduation film 'Under the Sun' has been officially selected and nominated for best Foreign in various international festivals across the world. It also won 'Best Emirates Film 2006' In the Annual Emirates Film Competition held in the countries Capital, Abu Dhabi. Currently Ali is in talks for his first international feature film.


Electric Firefly said...

that makes two siblings to be on your blog! :)
Did you watch the film hun? xx

LadyFozaza said...

lool no way! :) yea i did and loved it... we are very proud xx


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