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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Beauty OBSESSION: With Clarins

For this 2010 festive season, Clarins has taken inspiration from its flamboyant universe
to create a sumptuous collection where the finest textures are combined with the most elegant packaging.

This inspiration has lead to the creation of four limited editions, a collection of sensual, mysterious make-up that celebrates every woman and her indefinable uniqueness.

The complexion is pale and lightly powdered, the body is adorned with touches of sparkling gold powder. The eyes smoulder with a “smoky look” and a modern play on contrasts, colours and light. Lips are veiled in a vibrant, intense black tulip lipstick, the ultimate symbol of absolute femininity.

The black scroll on a gold background is the festive emblem of the collection and embellishes all items with a decoration inspired by the delicate work of the silversmith. With their subtle gold and intense black, they are transformed into beautiful, refined objects that resemble precious jewels.

Inside an elegant black and gold powder box decorated with a scroll, are delicate little nuggets
dusted with golden pearl, protected by a beautiful black powder puff. As soon as the box opens,
they begin to work their magic…With a sweep of the puff, they release an extremely
light, fine powder which alights on the skin, to beautifully
enhance it with sparkling reflections as the powder
catches the light.

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