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Monday, October 11, 2010

Alessandra Gucci’s prestigious handbag brand AG Limited Editions in in DUBAI!

Alessandra launched AG Limited Editions in November of 2007. She released her first hand bag collection, The First, in 2008: a tribute to the three generations of her family. The First models were called Rodolfo (after her grandfather), Maurizio (after her father) and Alessandra. Recently she launched her second collection called Armonia. Armonia is a limited edition collection targeting sophisticated women looking for rich textures and colors and valuable refined materials. In order to make Armonia even more exclusive, Alessandra has announced that every boutique will stock and select a different color.

Armonia is inspired by the same principles as The First collection; Italian craftsmanship, a careful selection of materials, well-defined colors and shapes and rich creativity. Her third collection Chicky Chic is a precious collage of alligator and crocodile skins cut carefully into unique pieces and arranged into colorful lively swirls for day bags and refined elegant motifs for night bags. The Collection features three models named after three of the world’s most famous cities: St. Moritz, Paris and New York.

For Spring Summer 2011 Alessandra will soon present two novelties: her new limited edition Margherita, six gorgeous bags covered with daisy flowers in many colors, and Eclettica her first bag in continuity edition so sophisticated and elegant to be already a “must have“ item.

This bag will be available, on request, in any color and material from calf, suede, alligator, ostrich.
Galeries Lafayette – Dubai Mall

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