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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Personal style: A look into Farah Alizade! The retro queen!

Her style is every inch the 70's retro queen chic! here is a look into her personal style..
pics courtesy of Farah herself...
wanted this to be as personal as possible!
So here it is in her own words and through her own lense..
let's get inspired....

Farah Alizade

22 years old
Favorite color: turquoise

"The modern era of fashion although interesting, hasn't quite inspired me as much as the vintage clothing worn in the 60's 70s and 80's. Every dimension of that era has inspired me for as long as I remember. From the music, to the culture and most definitely the bold and vibrant clothing. .......My wardrobe consists of floral printed and high wasted skirts, as well as dresses. Shoulder pads and vibrant contrasting colours come as a priority to me, although I can never say no to anything black, especially the little black dress that every girl should own......Bold accessories such as large earrings and chunky bracelets provide emphasis on the idea of being bold distinctive-I think I can't live without accessories and leggings. High waisted belts are the ultimate finishing touch to satisfying my craving for the vintage fashion era.......Vivid make-up, particularly around the eyes is all in all inspired by one of my fashion icons, legendary Edie Sedgewick. I believe make-up is the best way to flaunt one's facial features. Wether my hair is striaght or curly, ceiling high volumized hair is the perfect touch to express my look."


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

does she own a blog to follow her looks?!
i love to see pic to get inspired;P
and by the way the blog: FAAAB<3
i would love to see more makeup thought if its possible


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