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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Personal Style: Hatem Alakeel's EXCLUSIVE journey through STYLE!

Hatem Alakeel Behind some of his creations "Toby"

Not only is Hatem Alakeel a GIFT to Fashion but he is the most genuine person you will ever meet who shares an undeniable passion for some unique fashion and true style..
From his innovative Thob designs called "Toby" Progressively joining western and eastern fashion to his secretes we will uncover about what STYLE is to Hatem...
and we cant agree more!

Here is a look at Toby through Hatem's hands and a look at style through Hatem's words

"True Style is something one is born with." H.A.

"Style is innate, personal and forms an integral part of one's aura." H.A.

"In a way, it is almost a divine gift from the Almighty since real innate style that comes from within a person is something that can't be taught or cultivated.  People should never confuse fashion with style because eventhough they compliment eachother, they are 2 very seperate things."

"Fashion is something you buy. It is for sale. It is tactile and it is seen daily everywhere ranging from the sublime to the grotesque. "

"Style, on the other hand, is something you posses." H.A.

"It is not about one's socioeconomic background, social status or the multitude of costly designer labels in one's dressing room."

"Style is intangible, elusive, admired, emulated and sought after." H.A.

"A person could be wearing haute coĆ»ture from a star designer but that does not necessarily guarantee the wearer the style that she/he is in persuit of while another person wearing a simple T-shirt and jeans can have more style in their little finger !"

"In essence it is not just about what you are wearing, it is also how you wear it, how you carry it off, how you mix and match and what aspects of your innate style, personality and confidence you project."

"This is why I always encourage everbody, especially the younger generations, to look into themselves to identify what is their true personal sense of style and to express it."

"As style is not a trend, it will always remain firmly in vogue." H.A.

As the legendary Yves Saint Laurent stated
"Fashion fades but style is eternal !"


helen said...

Love the talent i see in here1 Great work!

Faizal said...

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