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Friday, August 13, 2010

News Alert!!! Evian Babies Declare August Live Young Month in NYC

Almost a year has passed since the young stars of the popular roller baby viral video rose to the top of YouTube charts in late 2009, and now they are back. The skates have come off, their bodies are plastered on t-shirts worn by the likes of Maria Sharapova and, this time, they’re on a mission!!!!

“It is great to be back and working with all natural, perfectly pure evian,” says baby Tom Morse. “We rollerbabies are committed to helping New Yorkers make the most of their lives. We urge you: Live young, New York, Live young!”

Being the first to spot the “Live young” potential in New York, baby Tom even ventured to say, “When we
are through here, I hope everyone feels empowered to seek memorable experiences, try new things and
seize every moment.”

As part of their quest to bring happiness and a renewed spirit to New York, the evian roller babies have
declared August ‘Live young Month’. They’ll be taking to television screens, the Manhattan streets with
free evian water (while supplies last), a soon-to-be-announced celebrity event, and offering an opportunity
for fans to score the ever popular evian baby t-shirts and tickets to the 2010 US Open tournament, all in
hopes of invigorating fun and zest for life city-wide*.

To learn more about Live young Month in NYC, visit facebook.evian.com

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