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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

EXCLUSIVE! Get HIGH on Beauty with Huda Kattan..

Beauty TRICKS, beauty TIPS, beauty FINDS .......

Guess who just found Pandora's box of pure pleasures and shared its findings with us!!!
remember that name cause u'll be hearing it a lot soon...

One woman with a whole lota valuable information to share about what makes us FEEL and LOOK good!

We decided to first let you get to know her and then you can see why we are so addicted to
What made you start your whole career in makeup and beauty?
Ever since I was a little girl, I loved beauty! Having an older sister who was obsessed with natural, healthy beauty tips got me into beauty at a very young age. It started with perfecting my eyebrows, then it moved to improving hair techniques and health, finally makeup became my obsession while I was in high school. Now, being a makeup artist, everything in my life revolves around beautifying people everywhere!

Who's your inspiration?
I am inspired by so many things. I am big on the oldies! I love the 60's specifically when Bridget Bardot and Sophia Loren were dominating the beauty world. I also love Betty Paige and Ava Gardner, but really old Hollywood from the 20's to the late 60's are my favorite beauty inspirations when I am on a shoot.
What 5 tips would you like to share with our readers on how to stay FABULOUS!
1-It's important to always be hydrated! Drink as much water as possible (if available, try coconut water, which is super hydrating)
2-Stay out of the sun! Sun damage can be extremely severe and irreversible! I recommend opting for self tanners to keep that glow
3-Meditate regularly!! If you feel bitter or stressed, makeup can't cover it up, no matter how well it's applied!
4-Pump up Your Lip Color!! Try one you don't typically use! It's a perfect way to grab attention, and stay classy!
5-Invest in a good moisturizer! My philosophy on skin is this, 'spend the money if you have to, you only have one skin'!
How would you like to change dubai's beauty scene? whats missing that u want to add 2?
Dubai's beauty scene has definitely improved since I first visited Dubai 8 years ago, but I still feel that we beauty lovers, need to receive the right education about beauty in Dubai. In beauty, the best products aren't always the ones that cost a fortune, sometimes they are the ones with no fragrance and simple packaging. Getting the right know-how and products will really take Dubai's beauty scene to the next level.
How have people responded to your beauty blog?
I have to say, I am so thankful with all the support and sweet comments I have got in support of the blog. I originally had the idea in 2007, but never really started because I wasn't sure how to begin. One day, my sister sat me down and was like, "You are starting right now" and that was it. In the beginning, the support kind of kept me going, so it's really nice!

Whats next for Huda Kattan?
I have a lot of plans which I am very excited for. I will be partnering up with some pretty big international companies on some projects, but everything is kind of on the DL right now! As for my blog, I am always trying to improve it however possible, so expect the information to keep coming! :)

So whats Huda's MUST HAVES!!

My #1 beauty must have is good moisturizer! I love Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer

My #1 Favorite tool is the Beauty Blender! I simply cannot do a shoot without it!

My #1 Nail Varnish, I love Revlon Red, it's amazing!

My #1 Lip Moisturizer, I love to use I cream (any eye cream is ok), MAC Fast Response Eye cream is nice

My #1 Brow Pencil is MAC Brow Pencil in Lingering and Stud

My #1 Eyeliner is Revlon Colorstay Automatic Liner in Black

My #1 Lipgloss is L'Occitane Rose Jardin Delite

My #1 Body Hydrator I love Vaseline Coco Butter Body Gel or Lotion

My #1 Mascara is DiorShow Iconic (great length) or Max Factor 2000 Calorie Lash (great overall)

My #1 Hair Product, I love Moroccan Oil, I simply cannot go without using Argan Oil, My hair is super dry and this keeps my hair perfect, no matter how hot and humid!

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