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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

toby .... A name to remember in Fashion!!

"I always encourage people to add their personal touches to experiment and to mix and match.
The Toby Man is a leader in his dress sense, not a follower and never a fashion victim."
                                                                                                                -Hatem AlAkeel-

toby by Hatem Alakeel is not only a name to remember but one we cant possibly forget cause we just cant stop talking about him!

An innovator and risk taker with his Bold and genious ways of creating "Finally" a unique and very fashion Fwd Tob (Men's arabic dress).. you will need to see the pics below to get the full picture and prepare to be addict of Style by Hatem!

"Less Is More" is the catch phrase for the Toby by Hatem Alakeel T2010 collection.

The driving force & main inspiration is to capture the essence of the classic thobe as envisioned by Toby.
Each and every piece can be mixed and matched in various ways giving the toby Man the luxury of timeless elegance & effortless versatlility.He knows what he wants to the last detail even when it comes to the most subtle and simplest of designs in Toby's classic line.The Toby Man knows he is getting quality, refinement and contemporary elegance.He will not compromise on these traits which he has come to expect & appreciate from Toby by Hatem Alakeel and this makes him a valued & treasured repeat customer."

Wether its in his men's collection of Tees, Tobs or his FABULOUS women's collection, Hatem just knows what to do to stand out as a designer and allow us to stand out as his very loyal followers.

Location:Prince Sultan Street.Alzahrah district.
Tel: +966504696639

toby retails in:
toby Boutique Jeddah/ Villa Moda Kuwait/ Villa Moda Bahrain.

Villa Moda Atlantis in Dubai / Villa Moda DIFC Dubai
Harvey Nichols Riyadh

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